1. Come Right In

From the recording Human Heartland

Featuring Cary Hudson and Laurie Stirrat


Come right in
I’m happy as sin you made it here
after all these years

Just look around,
All our old friends are back in town
It’s like the good old days

I don’t mean to sound too forward
But could we take back the time

To those summer Saturday nights
When the sun went down
Didn’t have a care, just hanging around
Small southern town, we were so damn young
So in love and just having fun
I’ve been trying for years to find those days
Nothing I try, ever feels the same
But to see you now it feels just like
Those Summer Saturday nights

The neighbor’s got a pool
Baby we can play it cool
And sneak off
Just dive right in
Ain’t no need for worryin’
If someone comes those dogs’ll bark
So come in close
Baby, you’re a skin-toned ghost
I’m slippin’ through and I can’t hold on
I know you gotta leave
But I enjoy the misery
Of living out our glory days